Long-Term Care

A Place to Grow, not Merely Grow Old

When you or someone you care about needs help with typical daily activities, Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab provides long-term care in a beautiful, comfortable environment. We offer committed and compassionate certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses.


We develop a personalized plan for you or your loved one from the following services:

Long-Term Care Dietary Services min
Dietary Services
Long-Term Care Medical Services min
Medical Services
Long-Term Care Nursing Services min
Nursing Services
Long-Term Care Restorative Nursing min
Restorative Nursing Services
Long-Term Care Social Work Services min
Social Work Services
Long-Term Care Therapeutic Recreation min
Therapeutic Recreation Services
Long-Term Care Wound Care Services min
Wound Care Services

To learn more about living at the Home, please see Life at the Home or come in during business hours for a tour of the facility.

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Admissions and Process

The process for long-term care admission varies from individual to individual and we assist with the qualification process. We accept many forms of payment for long-term care and our team will work with you and your family to design an individualized plan based on your circumstances and available benefits.

Please contact our Admissions Department, at 901-756-3231 or via the online contact form for more information.